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I could still remember our first day of  class… I went straight to Computer Laboratory Room No. 2 without reading the announcement posted outside. To my surprise, I was transferred to this class. I was a bit anxious since almost all of my close friends are no longer my classmates in this subject. Well, things really happened for a reason… Got the best mentor in Management Information System (MIS)!

This subject helps me appreciate more the significance of IT in our life. In this modern-day, IT plays a big role. With the introduction of computers, the business world specifically was changed a lot.

Before, I only know the basics of Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet and Access. Through this subject,  I was able to grasp deeper the uses and importance of these tools. The things I learned from our laboratory activities will surely help me in my work considering that we have so many ledgers and reports to maintain. My knowledge in database will certainly change the way I work and undoubtedly ensure my productivity. 


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As a soon-to-be or as an aspiring manager, one must understand the importance of Information Technology to help the organization gain competitive advantage. It is best for an organization to have a well-maintained and updated information and knowledge about IT to provide better services and products as well as to improve production. We, as employees, can perform the task on time and it can even reduce tension and stress at work.

The use of internet is very common nowadays. This can be access anywhere at any given time. So, users can easily interact with each other  through Messenger, FB, and other social media sites and exchange relevant information. I really love the topic on Responsible Use of Social Media (RUSM). It’s very timely. I realize, somehow, I was practicing such since I started using my social media accounts.I always see to it that my accounts are in private, and I avoid odious words when I post or share something.

Everything is changing as the modern world continues to grow. With so much progress happening, it is all because of IT. Indeed, IT matters!

PS: Thank You Sir for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.  KAMSAHAMNIDA! KOMAPTA! 🙂


The Two Faces of Social Media

Social media is a rising trend in the world today. With the click of the mouse and the touch of the screen, we can connect and share photos and videos with our family and friends. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are becoming the most visited social media sites.  But what are the benefits and drawbacks of social media?


The spread of software piracy nowadays is on the rise.  This illegal activity is very much appealing because of its low costs. As software price increases, many people turn to availing pirated or bootleg copies. 

Here in the Philippines, there are copies sold at much more appealing price rates. So instead of using the original software for computers and purchasing such to the certified sellers of the product, pirated software are being patronize especially the ordinary people or workers. So, you can never blame those people buying these kind of products when it costs a lot for them to purchase a legal copy of software. 

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It may seem appealing but in the long run, we will know the outcome of trusting the pirated versions of the software. There are a lot of dangers brought by pirated software like damage or harm to the computer, security issues and even in the later part, it will cost as a lot. Further,  it will increase the chances that the software will not function correctly or will fail completely. Now, is it worth pursuing?

So, to combat this problem, software companies should adjust the cost of their products to make it more affordable because saving some money is always a motivating factor for every buyer.  Reducing the cost would encourage to buy licensed software instead of illegal ones. 

There are dangers lurking behind pirated software. So you need to plan carefully before making any decision. Do not just be carried away by the low cost of certain products, security and quality must always be the top priority. 



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Have you ever heard a colleague saying “They can never fire me because I’m the only one who knows how to do this”. You’ve probably even nodded or said those words. You don’t want to lose your job so the idea of not sharing to protect your job is there.

KNOWLEDGE should not be kept. It must be shared. Knowledge sharing increases social interaction in the workplace. In the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) where I am connected right now, Knowledge Management would be of great help. A large number of baby boomers in our agency are reaching the retirement age. These individuals are often long-standing employees, with their irreplaceable knowledge. If their knowledge will never pass on to the younger ones or the millennials, the  collective knowledge of our agency will be ruined by their departure. So, to preserve existing knowledge as those employees retire, knowledge must be shared. KM enables every department in our agency to still access the information needed and therefore speed up delivery of service to our clients or coverage agencies. With the power of knowledge, an employee is more competitive and be able to deal with unforeseen circumstances. KM is the key to avoid the loss of valuable experience and expertise.

In private organizations, like hotel industry where I was previously employed, if employees don’t effectively knowledge share at work, chances are they will move from one job to the next every few years. Thus, their explicit and tacit knowledge will also leave the company when they do.

The biggest barrier in implementing KM are those high-ranking staffs who consider themselves to be more important than others therefore, manifesting in not sharing information. So, in every organization knowledge sharing should be encouraged because knowledge sharing is empowerment.


Knowledge sharing helps people do their jobs effectively and helps them in their personal and career growth. Because knowledge is fleeting, if you do not make use of it, the knowledge you have will rapidly loses its value. Knowledge share is very essential for organizations that want to stay competitive and individuals who want to develop their skills and abilities. So, let us encourage a culture of knowledge sharing in our companies or agencies and realize the rewards it delivers. Pass it on!

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BI Business Intelligent

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In today’s fast-paced business world, it is essential for every organization to have a set of  processes, technologies, applications and practices to provide information and support decision making. Business Intelligence(BI) is the key to help businesses make excellent decisions that lead them to success. BI includes data warehouse that helps businesses transform data into valuable information that can be useful in the organization.

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To use BI effectively, an organization must examine  how it operates. In evaluating how to use BI, one must consider its systems and processes. Furthermore, the organization should communicate openly. Everyone should  be open and transparent. Based on the information available, communicating to all levels in the organization on how decisions are made should be practiced to encourage more effective use of these BI tools.

Also, show the value of BI to everyone. Organizations must prove and demonstrate its value to their employees. Once they can see its effectiveness, they are more apt to use such that would lead to improve performance.

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Once an employee examines and evaluates how BI operates, it is well communicated and they know the value of BI, there is no need to use punitive program. If one understands the importance of Business Intelligence in the improvement of the organization’s systems and processes, it is not also necessary to raise their pay or implement any reward program to be able to encourage them to use the BI tools. If they do value the organization they’re in and they’re craving for its improvement and success, no doubt they will employ these tools. 

Success of BI is not easy and it will not happen overnight. Effort must be exerted not just by the top management but by everyone in the organization. BI if use effectively will give the ability to share data across the firm, use it in decision-making process and predict the impact of decisions on the company’s performance.

Business Intelligence is not just about turning data into information, rather organizations need that data to impact how their business operates and responds to the changing marketplace

~Gerald Cohen


Shop ’til you Drop NO MORE!

Who doesn’t like to shop?

Buying stuffs is fun and exciting except for when it takes so much time that it becomes more of a task than a pleasure. Of course, now with internet shopping, you can go on a spree from your home.

More people than ever before are using the web to shop a wide variety of items, from gadgets, shoes to beauty cosmetics…

Here’s my video blog  about online shopping.